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Bridgestone Ecopia Fuel Efficient Tyres - Save Fuel & Money

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Benefits of choosing Ecopia tyres


The Bridgestone Ecopia range can save you fuel without compromising on safety or comfort.

Using our global research capabilities and cutting‑edge technology, we have created a lower rolling resistance tyre – without compromising on the quality and safety that Bridgestone is renowned for.

Put simply, rolling resistance is the force required to roll a tyre. Lower rolling resistance means less fuel consumption and lower CO2 emissions.

Fuel savings of up to 5.7%^

Independent testing to the ADR 81/02 test standard demonstrated Ecopia EP100 delivers a fuel saving of 5.7% compared to a conventional tyre.

At a fuel price of $1.80 per litre, this saving equates to a 10 cent per litre fuel discount voucher in your pocket every time you fill up!


 Fuel-efficient Bridgestone Ecopia Tyres Save Fuel

Lower rolling resistance enables Ecopia tyres to roll 42% further* than conventional tyres.

Bridgestone Ecopia compound features state‑of‑the‑art reinforcement particle technology which reduces heat build‑up and in turn reduces rolling resistance.

Fuel-efficient Bridgestone Ecopia tyres with fuel saving technology and lower rolling resistance 

Ecopia tyre range

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Better fuel efficiency, better for the environment


Is it possible to reduce your fuel consumption simply by changing your tyres?

With Ecopia it is. Using our global research capabilities and cutting‑edge technology, we have created a lower rolling resistance tyre – without compromising on the quality and safety that Bridgestone is renowned for.

Less fuel required to roll the tyre also means less CO2 emissions, making Ecopia the smarter choice for everyone.


The Ecopia compound. How does it save fuel and reduce CO2 emissions?

In a conventional tyre compound, carbon molecules inside the tyre clump together, causing friction and generating heat. That leads to energy loss which increases rolling resistance and fuel consumption.
The Ecopia compound features the cutting‑edge technology which keeps the carbon molecules dispersed, minimising energy loss, friction and reduces rolling resistance which reflects as less fuel consumption with less CO2 emission.

Conventional tread compound        Ecopia tread compound

    BS Ecopia compound

      Grey dot Carbon molecule                        Yellow dot Ecopia molecule


What do you need to make a tyre green? Well some remarkable innovation for a start. Add to that, the world’s best tyre designers, engineers, ever-evolving technology, and of course a resolute commitment to the environment.

The result is Bridgestone’s Ecopia range of tyres, and the difference is a much lower rolling resistance. Put simply, rolling resistance refers to the amount of force required to power a tyre forward. Reducing this resistance means that less fuel is consumed whilst creating this movement. In fact, independent tests show fuel saving of up to 5.7% compared to a conventional tyre*. Watch the video demonstration here.

In turn, this reduces the vehicle’s production of the harmful carbon dioxide emissions that pollute our air and contribute to global warming.


Uncompromised safety

Some things in this world are simply more important than saving energy and lowering your carbon footprint. That’s why the safety of you and your family was always a primary consideration throughout the development of Ecopia. The result is an incredibly beneficial, low rolling-resistance tyre, which maintains the high degree of quality and safety standards that Bridgestone is renowned for. Watch the braking video demonstration here.

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^Product independently tested in accordance with ADR 81/02 on 2009 Toyota Corolla fit ted with tyre size 195/65R15. Actual fuel consumption and CO2 emissions depend on factors such as traffic conditions, vehicle condition and driving style. Ecopia EP100 fuel consumption test performed against conventional competitor tyre.

*Rolling resistance test conducted in 2010 by Bridgestone New Zealand using two identical VW Golfs fitted with tyre size 195/65R15. Both vehicles were rolled down a ramp from a height of 1.1m (back wheel height). The vehicles fitted with Ecopia tyres travelled an average of 85m and the vehicle fit ted with conventional tyres travelled an average of 60m. This was a difference of 42%.