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NZ's Most Trusted 4x4 Tyres
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Bridgestone manufactures 4x4 tyres under a range of brands, including BridgestoneFirestone and Supercat.

NZ's Most Trusted Brands - Bridgestone Firestone Tyres

Do you love getting off the beaten path and taking your off-road vehicle for a ride in rugged terrain? We understand the importance of having dependable tyres that will power through the back country roads, whilst still providing a smooth ride.

Use our convenient tyre finder to find the tyres that best fit your 4x4, SUV or 4WD ute. Whether you need a tyre specially designed for wet, dry or winter performance, it can be found at Bridgestone Select, Bridgestone Tyre Centre and Firestone.

With cutting edge tyre technology, we are able to improve your tyre performance and enhance your driving experience. Our 4x4 tyres are crafted to give you optimal performance on all terrain from highways and urban roads to New Zealand’s rugged back country roads. Whatever the situation, our 4x4 range will be sure to suit.

Don’t be held back by your tyres! Come on in today and we will be happy to evaluate what tyre best suits your off-road vehicle so you can get back to taking on the terrain.

Talk to our expert team today to discover the best 4x4 or SUV tyre for you.

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Bridgestone 4x4 Tyres

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 Bridgestone Dueler


Bridgestone Dueler All Terrain 697

Bridgestone Dueler A/T 697

Take it on-road or off-road with legendary performance and durability.

A premium quality all-terrain tyre exclusively engineered by Bridgestone to ensure comfort and performance both on-road and off-road. The Dueler 697 provides exceptionally low road noise, improved resistance against abrasions and punctures and increased tyre life; assisting in your ability to go anywhere.


Bridgestone Dueler


Bridgestone Dueler Mud Terrain 674

Bridgestone Dueler M/T 674

Come out on top with the traction, stablity and toughness you need.

The Dueler M/T 674 tyre has been designed to meet the hardcore demands of off-road driving, even through heavy mud.

Incorporating revolutionary 3D technology to offer superior durability and off-road performance, it provides maximum traction and control.

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Bridgestone Alenza logo


Bridgestone Alenza 001

Bridgestone Alenza 001

Designed for luxury SUVs, Bridgestone Alenza 001 is
exclusively engineered to maximise the potential on both
wet and dry roads in confidence and comfort.

Offering high-level braking performance, outstanding tyre
life, and enhanced grip on wet and dry roads, Bridgestone
Alenza tyres are engineered to deliver a dynamic and
luxurious driving experience. Find out more.

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Bridgestone Ecopia


Bridgestone Ecopia Highway Terrain Fuel Saving EP850



Bridgestone Ecopia H/T EP850

The EP850 is a tyre that truly reflects Bridgestone’s advanced technology and commitment to innovation.

The ideal SUV and 4x4 tyre for city and highway driving, it offers superior ride comfort, handling and wear life plus Ecopia fuel saving technology.

Bridgestone Ecopia Fuel Saving Tyres

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