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Ecopia EP25 185/65R15 88T

This is a product that truly reflects Bridgestone's advanced technology and commitment to innovation. The Ecopia EP25 features lower rolling resistance, minimising energy loss and friction, while upholding the premium degree of safety and comfort that Bridgestone is renowned for.

Reader's Digest Winner Trusted Tyres Brand

  • Ecopia compound minimises heat, friction and energy loss.
  • ENERGYWISE approved fuel efficient tyres meet criteria for both rolling resistance and braking in the wet - saving fuel and ensuring performance when safety really counts.
  • NanoPro-Tech Technology optimizes the rubber compound performance characteristics
  • 3D Cut Circumferential Ribs prevents irregular treadwear and improves noise
  • Rib Interconnected Blocks enhances wet performance and helps reduce energy loss.
  • High Angle Lateral Grooves help to avoid hydroplaning
  • Non-directional tread pattern to reduce road noise for a more comfortable ride

Technical information

Load Index / Speed Rating88T
Ply Rating
Overall Diameter625 mm
Permitted Rim Width(s)05.00-06.50 in
Tread Depth7.5 mm

General information

Tread PatternEP25
Sidewall FinishBlack Sidewall
Primary UseTouring
Product Code76558