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Firehawk TZ100 205/70R14 95H

A great touring tyre developed to provide a reliable level of safety and performance. With stability and good steering response, the TZ100 maintains traction in both wet and dry conditions. With low road noise and increased ride comfort,this is a well-rounded tyre.

Reader's Digest Highly Commended Trusted Tyres Brand

  • O-Bead for improved ride comfort
  • Comprehensive Tyre Design Method enables the optimisation of performance through tyre design
  • Non-directional tread pattern to reduce road noise for a more comfortable ride
  • Jointless cap ply for a smooth ride and lower road noise
  • Reinforced polyester body plies for increased stability and steering response
  • Wide circumferential groove tread design provides excellent traction in the wet and increased resistance to hydroplaning
  • Enhanced sidewall to improve comfort
  • Improved block stiffness reduces road noise for a more comfortable ride

Technical information

Load Index / Speed Rating95H
Ply Rating
Overall Diameter647 mm
Permitted Rim Width(s)05.00-07.00 in
Tread Depth8.1 mm

General information

Tread PatternTZ100
Sidewall FinishBlack Sidewall
Primary UseTouring
Product Code75833