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Dueler A/T 694 32X1150R15 113S

A premium quality all-terrain 4x4 tyre, showcasing Bridgestone's leading technology. The Dueler 694 features an aggressive tread pattern to maintain excellent traction and steering response, both on and off the road. It offers exceptional durabillity through resistance to cuts, tearing and tread wear; while maximising comfort through superior stability and low road noise.

Reader's Digest Winner Trusted Tyres Brand

  • O-Bead for improved ride comfort
  • Grand Unified Tyre Technology enables the optimisation of performance through tyre design
  • Non-directional tread pattern to reduce road noise for a more comfortable ride
  • Jointless cap ply for a smooth ride and lower road noise
  • Reinforced polyester body plies for increased stability and steering response
  • 3D surface block technology reduces road noise for a more comfortable ride
  • Rigid tread blocks maximises dry grip and mileage
  • Wide groove tread providing superior traction on greasy roads
  • Aggressive tread pattern for superior off-road traction
  • Sidewall protection for cut and tear resistance.
  • Reinforced shoulder block enhances off-road stability
  • White sidewall lettering features in some sizes.

Technical information

Load Index / Speed Rating113S
Ply Rating 6
Overall Diameter803 mm
Permitted Rim Width(s)08.00-10.00 in
Tread Depth12.7 mm

General information

Tread PatternA/T 694
Sidewall FinishOutline White Lettering
Primary UseAll Terrain
Product Code74210