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Dueler H/P Sport MOE Asymmetric 235/55R19 101V

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Reader's Digest Winner Trusted Tyres Brand

  • Non-directional tread pattern to reduce road noise for a more comfortable ride
  • Jointless cap ply for a smooth ride and lower road noise
  • Reinforced polyester body plies for increased stability and steering response
  • Wide circumferential groove tread design provides excellent traction in the wet and increased resistance to hydroplaning
  • Silica tread compound provides improved fuel efficiency and wet traction
  • 3D surface block technology reduces road noise for a more comfortable ride
  • Tie bar rib provides increased stability and improved braking
  • Run Flat Technology allows you to drive at zero pressure for up to 80 kilometres at up to 80km/h

Technical information

Load Index / Speed Rating101V
Ply Rating
Overall Diameter
Permitted Rim Width(s)06.50-08.50
Tread Depth7.6 mm

General information

Tread PatternH/P Sport MOE Asymmetric
Sidewall FinishBlack Sidewall
Primary UseHighway Performance
Product Code78033