Bridgestone Tyre Centre



Your car’s suspension is a system of shock absorbers, linkages, ball joints and springs that essentially connect your vehicle to its wheels. It has the responsibility of keeping all four tyres in contact with the road at all times, ensuring that the steering, driving and braking systems work efficiently together. Your suspension is a critical vehicle safety system and if it becomes worn out or has defective parts, your vehicle will no longer be safe to drive.

 Bring your vehicle in as soon as possible if:

  • Your vehicle slides or fails to hug the road on bends
  • You notice any unusual tread wear on your tyres
  • Your vehicle nosedives when braking
  • Oil seeps out of your shock absorbers
  • You experience driving instability
  • Your steering wheel vibrates while driving

Our qualified mechanics offer a full range of suspension parts and services including, but not limited to:

  • Shock absorbers
  • Springs
  • Struts
  • Ball joints
  • Bushes
  • Tie rod ends

If you think your suspension needs any servicing or repairs, or perhaps you’re not sure and want to get it checked out, take it to a Bridgestone Select near you and one of our qualified mechanics will be happy to straighten things out.


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