Bridgestone Tyre Centre



At Bridgestone Select we provide a wide range of specialist maintenance and repairs for all vehicles, regardless if the fault is large or small. If your vehicle needs repairs, it is generally wiser to take care of the issue immediately, rather than waiting until the issue becomes critical, as it could cause additional damage and affect the vehicle’s roadworthiness.



With fully qualified, experienced mechanics; MTA assurance; industry-leading equipment; and the use of only quality brands and vehicle components, Bridgestone Select is New Zealand’s number one choice for automotive care.

Common repairs may include:

  • Cam-belt replacement
  • Clutch replacement
  • Engine-mount replacement
  • Seatbelt replacement
  • Headlight and brake light replacement
  • Hose replacement

If your vehicle needs any general repair, see your local Bridgestone Select store for experienced advice and expert solutions.


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