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Bridgestone premium VT-TRACTOR tyres

For more efficient and sustainable agriculture

Bridgestone VT Tractor Tyres

With its “very high flexion” (VF) construction and advanced tread design, the Bridgestone VT-TRACTOR tyre, compared to standard tyres, can operate at lower inflation pressures, with larger footprints, helping farmers to harvest greater yields, work faster, carry heavier loads and consume less fuel – all while protecting the soil.

Bridgestone VT-Tractor

Higher yield with less soil compaction

Thanks to its special bead profile, Bridgestone VT-TRACTOR allows greater flexing at lower inflation pressures than standard and “improved flexion” (IF) tyres. This very-high flexion (VF) at lower operating pressure (12 PSI) leaves a larger footprint, reducing soil compaction and helping to increase harvest yield, year after year.

Bridgestone VT Tractor Tyres - Reduced Compaction

Superior traction for increased productivity

Bridgestone applied a new lug design to VT-TRACTOR which minimises slip and soil disturbance, providing superior traction and thus a faster work rate in the field.

Bridgestone VT Tractor Tyres - Increased-Productivity

Lower operating costs

This superior traction reduces operating costs further through fuel savings in the field. Compared to competitors’ tyres operating at 15 PSI pressure, the Bridgestone VF tyre at 12 PSI pressure brings fuel savings of up to 36 litres / 50 hectares.
Bridgestone VT-TRACTOR can also carry loads up to 40% heavier than standard tyres, at the same speed. This means fewer transport cycles on the road, leading to further reductions in operating costs.

Bridgestone VT Tractor Tyres - Lower Operating Cost

More efficiencies

With Bridgestone VT-TRACTOR, farmers also save time because they don’t have to stop and change tyre pressure when moving from the field to the road and back. In addition, VT- TRACTOR tyres make vehicle handling easier and more comfortable – important bonuses in a long, hard day’s work. The more flexible sidewall design absorbs road surface bumps, while the pattern’s longer lugs offer a smoother drive.

(1) Based on Bridgestone’s internal testing conducted in Bernburg (Saxony-Anhalt, Germany) in March 2014 with sizes IF 600/70 R30 and IF 710/70 R42 (at inflation pressures 18 PSI & 15 PSI) and VF 600/70 R30 and VF 710/70 R42 (at inflations pressures 15 PSI & 12 PSI) using XSENSORTM pressure imaging technology.


For more information

The new Bridgestone range targets the growing high-end agricultural tyre segment, catering for large- scale farmers and operators using the latest high-speed vehicles. For detailed information on the VT Tractor Tyre download the brochure here.


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Bridgestone VT Tractor Tyres Promo - Win Your Purchase Back

Simply purchase any two Bridgestone VT Tractor Tyres during February or March and you could win your purchase back.


Terms and conditions:


Entry is open to all purchasers of VT tractor tyre product through Bridgestone New Zealand Limited or an authorised Bridgestone reseller (Bridgestone Tyre Centre). All participants must be 18 years or over.

How to enter

To be eligible for this promotion you must purchase two VT tyres at the same time and this purchase must appear on one invoice during the promotion period 1 February – 31 March 2018.

You will automatically get entered into the draw. If 4 tyres are purchased on one invoice this qualifies for 2 entries.

Customers may enter multiple times, provided each entry is a separate purchase of 2 VT tyres with a separate invoice number.

The promoter

The Promoter is Bridgestone New Zealand Ltd, Level 1, Building A, The Millennium Centre, 602 Great South Road, Ellerslie, Auckland 1051.

The prize

There will be one prize. The prize is the total cost of your purchase of 2 VT tyres as per the purchase price listed on the invoice that gets drawn and includes fitting charges, however excludes callout and mileage. The prize will be awarded through bank deposit to the winner’s bank account within 7 days.

The draw

The draw will be held on 10 April 2018 at Bridgestone New Zealand Head office, Level 1, Building A, The Millennium Centre, 602 Great South Road, Ellerslie, the Prize winner will be notified via telephone and email. The winner consents to their name(s) being submitted and or photos being used for public relations purposes relating to this promotion.

Final decision

In all matters relating to the application or interpretation of any rule or condition of the promotion, the decision of Bridgestone New Zealand Limited management will be final.